A new craft beer brand bringing flavour to the fore. A composite of ‘monster’ and ‘extreme’ our name reflects our philosophy of thinking outside the box to bring you exciting beers that stand out from the competition. Think hop-monsters and unconventional approaches to the brewing rule book.

Best of all, MonsteX keeps the ABV relatively low. We want to enjoy monster beers without monster hangovers.

There are currently four beers in MonsteX’s core range:

Hellfire DDH IPA

4.2% ABV

Crisp and aromatic mega-hopped beer.

Vegan friendly

Hidden Depths NEIPA

Hidden Depths DDH NEIPA

4% ABV

Vegan friendly

Star Chaser DDH NEIPA

2.8% ABV small beer

Star Chaser is a collaboration brew that has been developed with support from our friends at Murphy’s & Sons and Charles Faram. It is a lower ABV craft beer with a fantastic hop-forward profile.

Charles Faram have 150 years experience in growing hops and they gave us incredible advice about which to use to craft a beautifully perfumed flavour. The combination of New Zealand and English hops create a delicate blend of peach and orange aromas. These same flavours dance gently on the palate along with hints of apricot and mango. This fruitiness is balanced with a punch of hoppy bitterness.

To help us achieve the soft, velvety body and mouthfeel we wanted, we used the liquor analysis and lab testing expertise from Murphy’s & Sons. They assisted us with the perfect blend of brewer salts and PH treatments to improve our water. Our 2.8% beer has the full mouthfeel of a much higher ABV and is coupled with a long clean finish.

Vegan friendly.

West Coast Pilsner

West Coast Pilsner

5.2% ABV

A hybrid beer made with West Coast ale yeast along with a mixture of West Coast hops and noble German hops. Long, cool fermentation give that Pilsner feel but with the addition of fruitier flavours. European lager meets IPA to quench a monster thirst.

star chaser pint monstex